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Happy Socks Christmas Collab

Monday, November 30th, 2009
happy-socks-card-Fanny_and_Bill With American Thanksgiving out of the way, Christmas is about to be thrust upon us--full throttle. And nothing says 'I care' like a thoughtful  card. (Ok, maybe paying our rent for the next year or a few spa treatments would also do the trick.) Swedish sock brand, Happy Socks, has teamed up with six artists to create a set of Christmas cards. A little more affordable than what you really want to give, or get, but just as special. The artists include: James Jarvis, Giorgio Camuffo, Marok, Cream, Lisolette Watkins and Bill & Fanny. See all the cards below.



Margiela Fine Jewlery (Again)

Monday, November 30th, 2009
maison-martin-margiela-line-12-fine-jewelry Maison Martin Margiela is set to release their second line of fine jewelry. From the preview video it looks like the collection will feature heavy rings and chain necklaces and bracelets. Titled, Line 12, you can expect the jewelry to hit at the end of November.

Pigs Retaliate against Turkeys

Monday, November 30th, 2009
567turkey_pig_race Just days after Thanksgiving, two news stories have surfaced about hogs' backlash against a society who may favor turkey over the other white meat. Southern chef Paula Deen was made a public target in Atlanta, Georgia while performing gastronomic philanthropy. [Paula and ham.] Meanwhile, a neighborhood in the state of Florida felt so threatened by a wild hog charging the streets that they called the cops.  The cops felt it necessary to take matters into their own hands and show the pigs who they really are. [Pig in the neighborhood.] The way politics make neutral countries seem rational, so it is with holidays and vegetarians.


Friday, November 27th, 2009
weekly round up FINAL Tobi Vail of Kill Rock Star Records (and Bikini Kill, Spider and the Web, The Old Haunt, Bands Against Bush) turned us onto L.A all girl-group, Pink Dollaz. So stoked. "Never Hungry" on repeat. [Jigsaw] The New York Times explored the life of Cesar Millan: The Dog Whisperer and how his psychic puppy tactics can and are being used on children. [New York Times] There is another Baby Whisperer in town. [Street Carnage] Natacha Marro Heel-less Mary Janes popped up on High Snobette. Only ten pairs made. Reserved for models named Dorothy. [High Snobette] Epic Fail: Butt Implants. [Fail Blog] Would you like some Robert Pattinson with your heroin? Because that's how big Twilight is now. [MOB Living]

Third Drawer Down Tea Towels

Friday, November 27th, 2009
WAITING_medium Doing the dishes can suck, and most of us aren't ballin' with a dishwasher. But we have something to brighten up the task. Yes, air drying is the best way to go, but when you run out of counter space, Third Drawer Down tea towels, help. These limited edition creations are made by artists from around the world like Australia and Scotland. See the whole collection here. These would make great holiday gifts and be  a good hint for that untidy roommate or boyfriend! EASTERN-BLOCK_medium CRUMBS-IN-BEARD_medium GIRL-WITH-BAT_medium WAESCHE-REGEN_medium

No Boys Allowed

Friday, November 27th, 2009

productimage-picture-skull-crossbones-engraved-dildo-in-platinum-gold-438_jpg_800x600_q85 20LTD met Jimmy Jane and made these limited edition babies.

No boys allowed (unless you really really want them there).

productimage-picture-skull-crossbones-engraved-dildo-in-platinum-gold-439_jpg_800x600_q85 productimage-picture-skull-crossbones-engraved-dildo-in-platinum-gold-440_jpg_800x600_q85