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Bag Dump Winner

Sunday, December 20th, 2009
hearty-magazine-bag-dump-win-Audrwey After a welcomed amount of entries (and an alarming amount of Hello Kitty) Audrwey received the most votes. Congratulations!

Concepts x Sorel Boots

Friday, December 18th, 2009
concepts sorelboots Finding the right winter boot can be hard. Especially if you live somewhere with harsh winter weather and want something that's durable and looks good. Canadian brand Sorel helps make things a bit easier for us by providing durable duck boots. For a century they have been providing warm and comfortable winter footwear, which is probably why  Concepts boutique in Boston (it gets cold there) has teamed up with Sorel on two classic models. Using premium leathers, suedes and waxed cotton on the uppers, the men’s Caribou and the women’s Joan of Arctic, have been made waterproof and rated for -30 Fahrenheit temperatures. Perfect for puddles and making snow men. The boots are available here. conceptssorelboots_1wmns conceptssorelboots_details 2 conceptssorelboots_5 conceptssorelboots- details


Friday, December 18th, 2009
weekly round up FINAL The holidays are all about lists. Jezebel chalks up a list of the 16 most photoshoped magazine covers, ads and spreads of the year. Winners (or losers) include Filippa Hamilton in Ralph Lauren, Kelly Clarkson in Self, Kate Winslet in GQ and Jennifer Aniston in Redbook. [Jezebel] Abby Gardner of Fashionista links to a quick clip of Karl Lagerfield's upcoming, exclusive interview with CNN. Lagerfield looks god damn beautiful, as per usual, as he mumbles to the British CNN host about why he is like a T.V. antenna and how the sun makes you dumb. [Fashionista] Elizabeth Sankey at Platform fumes about her love-hate relationship with Grazia magazine. "It’s the Chris Brown of weekly lifestyle magazines." We like this organized display of anger/confusion towards glossy fashion rags. [Platform] Our favorite celebrity, Courtney Love had a big week. She appeared on the cover of Dazed and Confused. She also lost custody of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain and then incoherently blogged about it on Facebook. Fashion Gone Rogue posted photos from the Dazed spread while nearly everyone re-blogged the Facebook rant. Heavy. [Fashion Gone Rogue] Paper Mag takes the liberty of constructing a list of 20 gifts for under $100. Ideas include plastic pocket flask from Kiosk, Clue: The Office version and Ritz cracker necklace. . [Paper Mag] Chad R.B of Eighty Thousand Times the Word F--k continues the list trend (and has been all month). Decemeber 15th: The Five Top-Selling Artists of The Decade & The Socio-Cultural Implications Thereof. Guess where ol' B. Spears lands? [Eighty Thousand Times The Word "F--k"]

Head to Toe

Thursday, December 17th, 2009


Now you can literally be from head to toe in American Apparel. Not that you'd necessarily want that, but American Apparel has just launched their own nail polish line. 6 bucks a pop in a rainbow of colors. Via: Refinery 29

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Thursday, December 17th, 2009


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Hannah Marshall A/W ’09

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
hannah-marshall-autumn-winter-09-1hannah-marshall-autumn-winter-09-2 Hannah Marshall is a name your going to want to remember. Having recently started working with our cover girl Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine and with her beautifully sculptured silhouettes Hannah Marshall is set to do big things. Her Autumn/Winter collection '09 is titled, Amour, which has your body covered in steel line panels and angular breast plates. She creates pieces that are constructed yet feminine. We can't wait to see what she has in store for Spring/Summer '10. See the A/W '09 collection below. hannah-marshall-autumn-winter-09-9hannah-marshall-autumn-winter-09-16hannah-marshall-autumn-winter-09-8hannah-marshall-autumn-winter-09-3 hannah-marshall-autumn-winter-09-14hannah-marshall-autumn-winter-09-10 hannah-marshall-aw-09-12hannah-marshall-aw-09-15hannah-marshall-aw-09-5hannah-marshall-aw-09-13hannah-marshall-aw-09-11