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An L.A. Play Date

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Time to play in L.A.! hearty and the CBG123 family are bringing you a weekly L.A. play date, which will bring together good people (no egos--we have to say that 'cause it's L.A.), free drinks (from 9-10), and amazing music. This week we've got Red Bull Championship winner, Morse Code and Duck Down Record's DJ Revolution. See you for our date, at Bardot tonight!
Bardot Hollywood
1737 Vine St. Hollywood, CA


Friday, April 30th, 2010
She's back ladies. Look, it's Christina Aguilera and she's resurrecting her former sexy self (motherhood IS sexy). Think "Dirty," the poodle hair from "Lady Marmalade," Madonna's "Express Yourself", Madge's stark episode of Kinky Hollywood Squares "Human Nature," and George Michael's "Freedom 90." It's an assorted platter of leather, lesbian lap dances, lace, licking and wet chests, the only thing missing in a strap on and full penetration. The song is titled "Not Myself Tonight" and the lyrics describe Christina's personal battle for the right to "go crazy" tonight by "dancing a lot and taking shots" oh, and by the way, "if you don't like it f--k you." The new album, Bionic comes out on June 8th (when you visit her website you are presented with a countdown, only 38200616 seconds until the world album explodes). This time around, Christina collaborated on a few tracks with M.I.A and Le Tigre--Bionic, will be the complete opposite to her last album, Back to Basics. "Not Myself Tonight" does not display Christina's incredible vocal abilities, but it does showcase her post-pregnancy, hot-mom figure. Come on, we all know she can sing, now it's time for Christina to get back to Xtina and her real "basics," like humping in the ring with Redman.

Knock ‘Em Down!

Friday, April 30th, 2010
Bring out the gloves! While boxing may leave your knuckles a little black and blue, Bec & Bridge's second winter lookbook will have you looking ring ready, without all that fighting nonsense. Fitting seeing this Aussie line is run by two girlfriends, Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston. See the more from Bec & Bridge's second winter lookbook below. Via: Refinery 29

Complex Collaboration

Friday, April 30th, 2010
As part of their “/” series of collaborations, complexgeometries, has teamed up with jewelry line Harakiri on a collection of jewelry for S/S '10. The pieces are comprised of mostly sterling silver, with elements of leather, quartz and onyx mixed in. Their simplicity and mobility marry well with the essence of complexgeometeries, so it's an equation that makes sense! Rumor has it, complexgeometries is set to release their next lookbook. Check back for the new complexgeometries collection coming soon!


Friday, April 30th, 2010
It was revealed this week that "significant levels of cocaine, sleeping pills, and tranquilizers" were found in blood samples taken from Alexander McQueen, who was found dead in February of this year. McQueen's death impacted the fashion world heavily and now, after a few months of study, British coroner Paul Knapman has closed the case on McQueen. R.I.P. [The Cut] Was it as good for you as it was for me? "Side boobs." [Imboycrazy] Debbie and Abigail of Made Jewelry started the line as law students with common hobbies and transformed it into a California accessories empire. Inspiring. [M.I.S.S] Mesmerized by Mark Murrman's photo blog via Hamburger Eyes. [Down on the Street] The Fader gives us some photos from Grace Jones recent show at London's Albert Hall. The Queen of Costumes put on a solid performance, reminding the entire world exactly where she stands in the ever-growing spectrum of fashion. "Gracie recounted old tales of doing blow in the bathrooms during the show while sipping on wine through a straw—lest we forget she’s is old enough to be Lady Gaga’s grandma." And no one does it like grandma. [The Fader] Liam Gallagher talks about his "feminine side" and Zac Efron get's his period. #laughs [Fourfour & Very Mary-Kate]

You, Really Kick Ass!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010
Our Kick Ass contest is officially coming to a close and we have to say we had some pretty hilarious responses as to why people "kick ass." But our winner really used his kick ass powers to come up with a kick ass answer--he typed them in comic font. Now that is really kick ass. "Im Kick-Ass because im using Comic Sans MS font and because i saved a baby that was about to fall off the golden great bridge. Also because Ronald Reagan was my grandfather and if it werent for him there would still be a Soviet Union. Not only that if i dont get those shoes i will tell Hit Girl to KICK YOUR ASS !!!!!
P.S. Im a size 10.5"
Congratulations, Alex Gonzalez! You indeed kick ass and will especially kick ass in these shoes. And please don't get Hit Girl to kick our asses.