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Jason Wu 2010 Sunglasses

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Mobama's designer of choice, Jason Wu, debuts his new 2010 collection of frames, which sources ladies like, Amelia Earhart,  Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird and Joan Jett, as inspiration for the collection. Each pair is faithful to its namesake--the Jane, after Jane Eyre, are a dainity pair of feminine frames, while the Jo, after Little Women character, Josephine, are a sturdily built, oversized pair that can hold their own. Tomboyish styles like the Joan, after Joan Jett and Earhart, after Amelia Earhart are, you guessed it, unisex. Oh, and of course the Earhearts (drumroll please) are a pair of aviators. We like the glasses, but can't help but ask, why no 'Michelle Obama' shades, Wu? Dude, she put your dress in the Smithsonian!
Via: Second City Style and The W Studio

DJ Excel Plays For Us

Friday, May 28th, 2010

DJ Excel has been in the game for over 20 years (no big deal) and is a member of Philly's famed DJ collective, Skratch Makanics Crew.  He's played for the likes of Usher, Mick Jagger, Jay Z, Mary J Blige, but tonight he'll be playing for us (and you when you join us!).  DJ Excel promises, "Himself & Mike B, Shirts Off, Apollo Creed Boxing shorts, sparklers, water  guns, slip & slides & some of the best selection of music tossed together since Lollapalooza 94." Those are some pretty big promises but we somehow think this Philly native, now taking over L.A., will have no trouble living up to them. Most ridiculous request you've gotten while DJing? They're all pretty ridiculous. 95% of the time people ask for something they know you're going to play or something they know you don't have. Then there's the rare occasion when a cute girl asks to hear A Tribe Called  Quest. Best dance move during your set? Hmm, I have so many. It really depends on the circumstances and how I wanna break you down. Either "Opening The Sky" or my "Break For Love" are the two most popular. If all else fails, I break into 80's Hip Hop Dance Steps for good measure. Most embarrassing moment you've witnessed DJing? Late 99/2000, I was booked to play at this super hood spot in North Philly.  I think it was called "The Black House." Deep in the hood at like 26th & Girard. My set was at 3 am, it was on a grimy little street. It "used" to be a house, but now it was a club or a speakeasy. Either way, we get in there, it's insanely packed and I'm the only white dude, as usual. Everyone was  expecting me. We push our way to the DJ booth and I set up to get on. Of course the equipment was the worst! I put on my first record and it just won't play  past the first 20 seconds, it keeps skipping back to the beginning. The tonearm on the turntable was messed up. The people don't know that, nor do they want hear that, so it starts to get restless as they try to fix the turntables. I'm getting frustrated and start yelling since I already tried to fix it, but it's that type of equipment that only the person who owns it knows how to fix it. My homie is like "Yo, be cool, we don't wanna get into it in here." So I fall back. They eventually fix it and I play but the moment was gone and I was really embarrassed because the people thought it was me, not the turntables. Needless to say, we left and agreed to never play any gigs like that again. If _____ started DJing you'd quit? Man every name I could throw in that blank already is DJing and making more  money then me. Biggest "no no" song for a DJ to play? For me, I try to stay away from AV8 breaks. (All the Fatman Scoop records). They became too much of a crutch for some people and I have too much good music that I can work around it. I still play them, but not very often. Other then that, usually anything Kenza says she likes I know is a no no.
Bardot Hollywood
1732 Vine St, Hollywood, CA
9pm – late


Friday, May 28th, 2010
Miss D.C. of 2009, Jennifer Corey, is using her title to fight against groping--an issue most would consider "non" but at closer inspection is something worth talking about. According to The Sexist, while out at a bar in Georgetown, Corey was slapped on the butt by a group of "spoiled rich preppy kids who think that they are better than you because their dad makes a lot of money." After the boys tried slap number three, Corey body slammed him. “I just had so much rage against him . . . that I slammed him up against the wall,” Corey said. “[T]here is no reason for a girl to have to worry about being slapped . . . or touched when we go out.” Yes. How many times have all of us been through this scenario? Eight million. Plus ten more. Now that this news has spread, Corey went on NBC to talk about her defense and general take on public assault. You can watch the entire news report here. “It doesn’t just happen at bars, either—it’s happened to me at the grocery store, it happens to me on my lunch break in Georgetown, and it’s just demeaning, and it’s disrespectful, and it scares you, which is the biggest thing,” Corey says. “People say, ‘Oh, you’re at a bar or you’re out in public, you should accept the fact that that’s going to happen.’ And that’s not OK.” We're happy that "The Crown" is finally being used to talk about something worth while instead of vapid, false promises of "world peace." Via The Sexist


Friday, May 28th, 2010
Our favorite 45-year-old rock star, Courtney Love is interviewed by Phantom Radio 105.2 in Dublin and she pulls a "Letterman days" move (refusing to get off the air). When the host says, "I like the song Loser Dust..." she says, "That's so gay." [Courtney Love] Megan Fox is too skinny for movies about cars that turn into soldiers. [Jezebel] Pouring alcohol into your eye balls to get drunk faster is the new black in Britain. [Daily Mail] Sarah Burton has some big shoes to fill over at The McQueen residence, but we think the old girl can do it. [Vogue] Lynn Hirshberg (the same journalist that Kurt and Courtney threatened to kill via voicemail after she said Courtney used heroin while pregnant in a 1992 issue of Vanity Fair) recently did a piece for The New York Times about M.I.A. M.I.A wasn't happy, so she posted a tasty tweet in rebuttal. Then, New York Magazine covered the "Ten Harshest Points" in Iceberg Hirshberg's article. (Really, was that necessary?) Maybe M.I.A. will get some love in her and writes a song called, "Payback's a bitch." [New York Times] Why Basketball Wives is sad for women everywhere. [Parlour] Peanut butter and jelly go together. But supposedly not Brooks Brothers and Comme de Garcons. [Vice]

Hope X Nina Persson

Thursday, May 27th, 2010
Nina Persson's new capsule line with Hope proves (once again) that Swedish fashion is more than H&M, and The Cardigans are more than "Lovefool." Ok, Ann Ringstrand (one half of Hope's design team) used to work for H&M but the clothes she produces with Stefan Soderberg are distinctly timeless rather than trendy. Often monochromatic and minimalistic, the duo describes their aesthetic as, "low key, clean, raw and authentic." They approached Persson while she was in between touring with her new band, A Camp, and working on a collective project, Citizens Band (which includes Karen Elson). Persson describes her contributions to Hope's A/W '10 line as, "pieces I'd been looking for and not finding for many felt like it would be ridiculous for me to try something complicated, avant-garde." And she's right. The looks are simple but that's what makes them poignant. The fox-collared coat (that Persson says comes from overpopulated hunted foxes in an attempt to ward off PETA attacks) is dramatic, yet something you could pull over jeans and a t-shirt. Oddly, the same can be said about the mesh skirt--and I don't change my mind or take it back (that's "Erase Rewind" for the less devoted Cardigans fans out there). Check out more Hope here and watch out for Persson's clothes in August. Via


Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
No. 6 Store is a collaborative effort from Vintage collector, Morgan Yakus and stylist, Karin Bereson. The shop is an ever-changing rotation of vintage finds mixed in with designer names such as No.6 Store, Von Sono, Bodkin, Stine Goya, Coven, Burfitt, Henrik Vibskov, Annie Costello Brown jewelry, Electric Feathers and Veronique Renard jewelry (to name a few).  Their "aim is for shoppers at No. 6 to immediately feel at home," Morgan and Karin say. "We encourage you to lounge on one of the couches when you need a break." Yes, we want to shop here. "And when trying on clothing, you are free to take your time, as if perusing a good friend's closet, though a fabulously stylish and impeccably organized one." Okay, we definitely want to shop here. No. 6 Store Lookbook's are available on their website. Both collections are stunning and practically every toe is topped with a clog.