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Dunst Returns

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
For those of us who follow Hollywood, it seemed Kirsten Dunst had fallen off the map. Rumors swirled (then were confirmed) she was in rehab, but for what remained a bit of a mystery. It turns out it was depression--something she feels most people in their twenties will go through. Fresh from treatment, Dunst has completed her first major movie since 2008, All Good Things, opposite Ryan Gosling. In a recent profile in New York Magazine, Dunst spoke about her depression and absence from the movie world. "You grow up in a business where there’s a lot of people-pleasing," she said. "It’s hard to be firm in your own ground and not be afraid to rock the boat. I was swallowing a lot of stuff … In my relationships and personal life I absorbed things from other people, and then because of what I do for a living, I had to keep giving. It can dissolve you.” Dunst's new movie, All Good Things, opens December 3rd. Watch the trailer below. Via: New York Magazine


Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

"Here at the Hall of Crazy Women, we don’t discriminate. In fact, we embrace and celebrate all forms of craziness."

This is an official petition that this blog never be taken down. That it always provides us with a grammatically challenged analysis of why Brooke Hogan cuts her jeans into buttless chaps. That the writers constantly update us with the latest news on Demi, Tyra, Ms. Taylor, Sherri, Natasha and all the Queens of Crazy. What a delightful dose of mental to go with our morning coffee. Via: The Hall of Crazy Women (and special thanks to Bronwyn for tipping us off)

Ultimate Highballer

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Director and tree planter, Adam Humphreys didn't think he would end up married in New York city by age 27. He also didn't think he had what it would take to make his debut documentary, Franz Otto: Ultimate Highballer. Somehow, he pulled it off. Humpreheys, who is a West Vancouver native, graduated from the University of Victoria then, moved East to New York City to complete his MA at the New School. It was there that he learned the basics in film editing and directing. During his twenties he spent the summers tree planting. Humphreys became known as a "highballer", someone who plants more trees than anyone else on the camp. Fueled by competition and weeks without showering, Humphreys found that tree planting was one of the only jobs he could manage to keep. Digging holes in the soil became his bread and butter (and bacon). After earning some extra cash working at a clothing store in New York, Humphreys purchased a video camera and decided he would document a quest he had long been curious about: to find the tree planting world's urban legend highballer, Franz Otto. Humphreys film follows the journey of finding Franz Otto Sameit and uncovering his mysterious legacy. We caught up with Adam Humphrey's to talk about his new film, Franz Otto: Ultimate highballer, and what it's like to go from living in the bush to living in Brooklyn. Read all about it below.

Director Adam Humphreys, photo by Jonathan Black

Why Franz Otto? He's like Paul Bunyan. Half "The Best Ever" and half "The Ultimate Embodiment of Badass". I first read about him on this website called, "The Tree Planter Hall of Fame". My goal was to find him and understand what it was about him that made him legendary. It seemed like he was bigger than tree planting, bigger than reality and a part of me was very drawn to him. He seemed like a comic book hero. I started pursued him through message boards online. After a while I quit my job and focused on filming him. I returned to New York, worked for two months in the store and then, went back to Canada and my friend Peter Le and I drove around for three weeks interviewing people. I edited the film back in New York while working at the store. What happened when you finally got in contact with Franz? It was strange. He was flattered, kind of ambivalent. I was scared and nervous. He picked me up in a taxi in Prince George [where he was planting trees] and we got drunk together. The next day, I threw up out the side of his truck while he was driving out to the block so that I could film him planting. How did it feel to make your first film being somewhat of a rookie? The hardest part was realizing that I could not make this searing and incredible "film of my dream." I originally told Franz, 'I want to make a film about you' over the phone. Someone had given me his number via email saying that they wanted to see [Franz] immortalized on film. Are you happy with the documentary? Yeah. I feel as though the film is actually a journey of discovery where as more films set out to relate something they already known or provide an argument. To me the film is about the legend and an impossible world view, desiring a better, more interesting world and self.

"Our documentary focuses on a lot of people who started the industry back in the 1970s, old men saying anti-corporate shit. It's about the subculture and it's folk hero."

And so you are married now and living in New York, how does your tree planting life survive? Some of my best friends come from planting. I have people that come through [New York] and stay with me, but I also have "no future" so I always plan on going back to tree planting to pay bills and break things up in my life. My wife doesn't like it because I go away for a long time. I can only call her once every week or so when we are in the bush camps. I suck at working real jobs though. I always get fired or quit. Tree planting makes sense to me. So, tree planting is something for the unemployable? It's for misfits, drug addicts, weirdos, incompetent people, French Canadians. It's like Burning Man, you know, "travelers" and philosophical backpackers, sport jocks who "live to climb mountains and do karate"and artists who hate commerce. Yann Martel and Gavin McInnes were tree planters. Do people get laid while tree planting? Yes, almost everybody. They usually hire a fair balance of men and women. People who would never get laid outside of a tree planting camp get laid. Getting laid is usually based on status. Everyone is dirty [literally]. People only get to shower once a week, they sweat all day and are covered in dirt. Did you ever have any wilderness hook ups? No, I always had a serious girlfriend so, I just observed. Things happened that seemed really incredible and terrible at the time, but not so much anymore like being injured, having your tent flood, bugs, bears, bad food and interpersonal conflict. You don't strike me as someone who fits into the tree planting world. Well, I am angry. I hate society. I like experiencing physical pain and I have a problem with authority. Franz Otto, Ultimate Highballer will screen at Chelsea's PPOW Gallery on December 11th at 8pm. In addition to the film, the space will host photograph's from Sarah Anne Johnson's "Tree Planting Series" 2004.

Binge and Punch

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
A new study by the British Association for Anger Management has chalked up the 81% increase (since 1998) of girls involved in murder, assault and other vicious attacks to binge drinking. Anger management psychotherapist, Mike Fisher told The Daily Mail that, "Girls are generally better at dealing with their feelings, whereas boys keep it inside. However, when girls drink they are anesthetizing their feelings. Suddenly they are not able to cope with their emotions appropriately, but that anger has to go somewhere. Unlike their mothers, who perhaps did not drink as much, they become violent." Fisher also notes that girls are being tormented by boys and they are now fighting back with aggression. "They are fed up with being the passive sex." As Margaret at Jezebel pointed out, why are the school systems focused on the girls response to the boys tormenting instead of the tormenting itself? "Boys will be boys."
Simon Lawton Smith, of the Mental Health Foundation, suggested that anger management be more prominent in the school system as a way to control this timely problem.
"Girls face a new generation of potential triggers for problems such as premature sexualization, commercialization and alcohol misuse, and also some of the more long-standing issues like bullying and family breakdown," he noted. "All these things can be triggers for anger."
These should be the issued that are assessed instead of simply vilifying young women who use binge drinking as an unhealthy form of escapism. Women can not indulge in alcohol the same way that men can. Remember last year when New York Magazine tried to blame feminism on the so-called problem of women who drink too much? The topic of sexual self-confidence bobbed through the article like an olive in a martini. "If men come into the picture at all, it’s only because what women sometimes want is sex, the final frontier of gender equality, and the socially sanctified follies of alcohol set the stage perfectly for the type of sex women may want but fear is unacceptable to seek." Most girls said that drinking gave them confidence to make advances they would not normally feel comfortable doing. Could this have something to do with the stereotypical notions of who is to be socially accepted as passive or aggressive in the game of heterosexual relations? Yep. This "issue" is a complicated one, but Tracie Egan hit the nail on the head:
"The fact that women like to knock a few back is not a pro-feminism statement. Sure, it may be a result of feminism, but not, in itself, a feminist act. (Personally, I don't drink to fight sexism. I drink to forget about it.) However, making the argument that now that women are lucky enough to have the freedoms earned by earlier feminists, we should forever be indebted to them and pay homage by being responsible and striving for social perfection is, in fact, an anti-feminist statement. Because we're not "lucky" to have such rights. We're owed them. And so, what, now that we have them we better behave? It's the same fucking thing that feminists/women have always faced: being told "you can't." But now it's been switched up—within our own ranks—to "you can, but you shouldn't," as this smart lady pointed out. So who exactly is the Aunt Tom here?"
In a similar vein, the problem of violent young women should not be just anger management counseling, but should look deeper into the issue. Why are so many young girls angry? Why are they binge drinking differently then they were ten years ago? What has changed recently that might provoke this? Fisher notes that young girls are sick of being the passive sex, yet suggests we fix this by telling them that their rage is wrong? This is frustrating. I need a drink.

Fresh Faces of Hollywood

Monday, November 29th, 2010
Out with the old and in with the new, talented and super hot. This year's 83rd Academy Awards will be hosted by Anne Hathaway and James Franco. According to a press release, Analyzes Deadline columnist, Pete Hammond stated: "Part of the reason the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences feels comfortable going with these two is that both James Franco and Anne Hathaway have both very successfully hosted Saturday Night Live. And they looked at that and felt these young actors could work in front of a live audience which is why in the past the Academy has gone to so many stand-up comedians. And, of course, the other factor is that they really 'young up' the Oscars this year. It's an interesting choice and certainly unexpected and bold." This will be Hathaway's fifth appearance at the Oscars and it's number two for Franco. Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2010 will be presented on Sunday, February 27, 2011, at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center, and televised live on the ABC Television Network. We'll be sitting front row at our televisions screaming out nominations for the best and worst dressed while waiting to see who breaks down and balls during their acceptance speech. Via: Deadline

Mc Crosswalk

Monday, November 29th, 2010
In honor of Switzerland's public festival, Zuriifest and the delicious Golden Arches, the streets of Switzerland are now paved in french fries. Instead of going the traditional route by setting up a free sample stand or giving out burgers to passing pedestrians, McDonalds decided to go big or go home (as they usually do). Does this make you want a mountain of salty fries or do you just want to throw up? Via: Nylon