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Claw Underground Pop Up

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Out of everyone we know, leave it to Claw Money to have a party underground in a subway station. The party will celebrate Claw's new Pop Up Shop at Grast, where they'll be selling Claw Money sunglasses, duffle bags and socks from her collaboration with Vans. Plus, she'll be releasing her new ashtray. Details and a sample of what will be in store (literally) below. p.s. Happy Birthday Claw!

Babes on Boards

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Using images from past Marc Jacobs ad campaigns shot by Juergen Teller, Marc Jacobs is presenting four babes on boards. But better pick a favorite babe quick because there will be only 100 Lisa Maries, Kate Moss, Stephanie Seymours and M.I.A.s produced. Available this Friday (gone by Saturday) at the Bookmarc and Marc by Marc Jacobs Men’s store in New York. Via: Highsnobiety

Drowning in Ruffles?

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Valentino for GAP collaboration Yeah, yeah collaborations are the new black and everyone and their baby sis has one these days but, that doens't mean they're slowing down anytime soon. Valentino ruffles GAP's feathers, in this new seven piece collaboration collection which includes, three parkas, cargo pants, a tiered skirt, a t-shirt and a hoodie, and will be available at select stores in Europe. We think the pieces look aight in the photos (don't they always) but how will they translate onto us every day girls--we don't think it'll work out so well. What do you think about the new Valentino for GAP collection? Will we be drowning in ruffles? See more from the Valentino for GAP collaboration below. Via: Jezebel and Daily Mail

Hellz for the Holidays

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Hellz Bellz Holiday 2010 Culture Vulture Hellz Holiday 2010 has been released for you to ogle at, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday that is about to make us all 10 pounds fatter. Titled Culture Vulture, Hellz collaborated with Japanese artist Choco Moo on this collection, and heavy pop influences can be seen throughout the illustrations featured on the clothing. Hopefully by the time we can actually purchase the collection, we'll be able to fit in to it again. At least pumpkin pie is always worth it. See more from the Hellz Bellz Holiday 2010 Culture Vulture collection below.

24-Hour Four Loko Diet

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Drake has his 24-hour champagne diet and K. Thor Jensen has his version.

The FDA recently put the kibosh on Four Loko, the latest alcoholic energy drink craze to buzz through the U.S.A. Four Loko is the equivalent of about four and half beers and three cups of coffee. It quickly rose to the top of the alcoholic energy drink totem pole, going so far as to inspire a rap song, but after many young drinkers had been hospitalized and injured from the abuse of this alleged "Black Out In A Can" the FDA banned Four Loko, from being sold in stores. A frenzy cut loose as booze hounds all over the country rushed to the nearest Quick Stop to purchase the remaining stock of the world's cheapest wasted night (Four Loko are only $2.50 a pop and come in a variety of puke worthy flavors). 34 year-old K. Thor Jenson of Guyism Reports, tried a little science experiment with our beloved Loko. He set out to drink six cans of Four Loko in 24 hours, all on camera. The father of two was not in tip top party shape as the psychotic beverage took a hold of him can by can. In his article he describes the taste of Four Loko as "a bargain basement wine cooler with a touch of cat pee." That's pretty close. Read, watch and laugh at his whole experiment here. If this doesn't make you want to crawl under a rock with embarrassment and never drink again, we don't know what will. Via: Guyism Photo via: Internet K-Hole

Nicki & MAC Say Only On a Friday

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Nicki Minaj MAC Pink 4 Friday lipstick

Oh Nicki, is your Barbie girl image a positive one? Is the size of your ass a result of surgery, padding, or outlandish genetics? Are you the most hated female rapper in the game? With all these questions we have at the hearty office, at least everyone can agree your make up always looks bomb (and we love the hair!). On Friday, November 26, MAC Cosmetics will release a bubble gum shade of  "Pink 4 Friday" limited edition lipstick designed by Nicki herself, to celebrate the release of her new album. The barbie-pink satin lipstick will be only be available for sale on Fridays (surprise surprise) on the Mac website for the next month. Hopefully the lipstick will outshine the mediocrity of the new album, we say Nicki sounds better coming in on a nasty Lil Wayne track than she does singing R&B-pop with Natasha Beddingfield.