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Saturday Selection

Saturday, April 30th, 2011
Every Saturday we’ll be selecting a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty. This photo was taken one night while Jamie Shaw was walking home from a friend's place. Jamie was not sure if he was seeing things, but snapped a picture anyways. Spooky. Jamie lives in Glasgow where he is finishing his degree and preparing for his last summer holiday. Describing himself as a true Olympus fan, Jamie uses the trip 35, and the MJU. He also uses Minoltas. Jamie is currently working on a few different zines. One with David Boyson Cooper, Joe Skilton and Benji Cluness, called For Real This Time, which will be of photos from their adventures in Scotland. Then, another with David Cooper, with photos from their recent skate trip to Berlin. And finally one called, Call to Adventure, which is almost ready to print, and will feature friends he's made through taking photos. See more of Jamie's work on his Flickr and website. If you want to be featured on hearty’s Saturday Selection, get a Flickr and start uploading!

Round Up

Friday, April 29th, 2011
There's something weird in the air right now, maybe it's the nice weather (finally), maybe it's the royal wedding, unfortunately we don't have a full moon to blame it on. Thank gawsh it's the weekend! Six cliché rapper poses we're currently trying in front of the mirror. [Parlour Magazine] Celebrity packages. And we're not talking about the UPS, FedEx sort. [Blogue] We don't get the whole royal wedding hysteria, but ridiculous hats, now that's really something to make a fuss over. [Jezebel] Casio proves not all publicity is good publicity. #hipsters #alqaeda [Refinery29] Karl Lagerfeld goes Willy Wonka on a hotel room. [The Cut]

One Wine To Go Please

Friday, April 29th, 2011
Get your wine from point a to point b in style It sucks when you've rode all the way to that park/beach/party, only to open your bag to find out the bottle of wine you were totting is no longer intact. Made from leather and brass this handmade bike wine holder from Oopsmark is the perfect way to get that bottle of wine wherever it needs to be in one piece. Scooped on: Design*Sponge


Thursday, April 28th, 2011
PJ Harvey makes a video for every track on her new album, Let England Shake Legendary British songstress PJ Harvey has been promoting her latest album "Let England Shake" by making a video to accompany every track on the record. Harvey worked closely with battlefield photographer Seamus Murphy to manifest a series of videos that have been scattered all over the internet everywhere from The Huffington Post to Harvey's personal website. Murphy and Harvey refer to the videos as a "series of short films" and the scenes in each segment read as a group. How will Harvey ever top this kind of dedication to her art? See a few of our favorites from PJ Harvey's new videos below, along with her performance last night on the legendary Jools Holland's show, where dressed up in a Bjork-esque get-up of flowing, stark white layers and a black feathered head dress, she commanded the audience with her signature howl. Heard on: Pitchfork

Patriot Feet

Thursday, April 28th, 2011
Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen Platform in American Flag America in our hearts, in our minds, on our feet. These 5-inch Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen platforms combine the perfect balance of sex appeal and patriotism in a way that would make Monica Lewinsky proud. At $130 they won't break the bank and since it's not even May yet, you have plenty of time to get them before fourth of July festivities. Cue the fireworks. See more pictures of the Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen platforms below. Spotted on: Nasty Gal

Mario Meets Chuck

Thursday, April 28th, 2011
Wear these Super Mario Bros. Converse Chuck Taylors to rescue the princess Growing up part of the Nintendo generation, we'll always have a special place for the Super Mario Bros--even if we play a lot less now than when we were kids (mostly just that random time after being at the bar). Nintendo is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, and Converse pays homage to the video game company by putting little Marios all over their classic Chuck Taylor high tops, even replacing the converse star with the Mario Brothers star ("I'm invincible!" in Mario's voice). But what about poor Luigi? He was always treated like the forgotten middle child. See more of the Super Mario Bros. Converse Chuck Taylor's below. Popped up on: Hypebeast