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Taryn Simon at Tate

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
Taryn Simon opens a new exhibit at the Tate Modern You probably remember Taryn Simon's previous work, Contraband, which included 1,075 photos of items seized from passengers entering the United States. And now, Simon has opened a new show at the Tate Modern. For four years, Simon chronicled 18 generational histories using images and text. "From feuding families in Brazil to victims of genocide in Bosnia, and human exhibitions in the United States to the living dead in India, Simon forms a collection that maps the relationships among chance, blood and other components of fate. Simon’s presentation explores the struggle to determine patterns embedded in the narratives she documents." A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters, is currently on display at the Tate Modern until November 6 2011. MACK has also produced a book to accompany the work. Image via: The Guardian

Fucked Up’s New Rock Opera

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Fucked Up makes a rock opera about a guy who works at a light bulb factory

You can pre-listen to Fucked Up's new rock opera David Comes to Life over on NPR, (who are unable to spell out the band's name in its entirety), before the album is officially released June 7 on Matador. Suggested reading during your listen: our past feature interview with Sandy Miranda, bass player of Fucked Up.

Yo Benny Gold Yo

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
Benny Gold creates a classic wooden yo yo Now you can throw Benny Gold around a little. You can even twirl him, saucer him and walk the dog with him. Benny Gold (our past We Heart...) has created a classic wooden yoyo with the Benny Gold script logo burned into the base. Put it on the shelf as decoration, use it as a paper weight, or learn how to yo yo with it.

Joyrich x LeSportsac

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Joyrich and LeSportsac channel the 90s in their new spring '11 collaboration collection A playful take on 90's luxury brands, Los Angeles design house Joyrich collaborates with LeSportsac on a collection of bags fit for Cher (the Clueless version), Blossom or Kelly (as in Kapowski). For the Joyrich x LeSportsac collaboration, Joyrich created three original prints and applied them, along with a quilted patent fabric, to the LeSportsac Classic Collection bags. The special  prints include chain, numbered, and pink leopard versions. Joyrich's signature golden triangle logo plate is used on the bags, as well as all-gold hardware and zipper to up the luxe factor. See some of our favorites as well as a video from the Joyrich x LeSportsac collection below.

Saturday Selection

Saturday, May 28th, 2011
sanna_helena_berger_Photography Every Saturday we select a photo from our Flickr pool to be featured on hearty. Sanna Helena Berger is currently spending time in Sweden gardening in her massive garden, renovating a house to be used as her new studio, and after a long days work, drinking wine and kissing her boyfriend. Doesn't sound too bad. When she's not partaking in manual labor, Sanna is the curator at TOURIST magazine, which always has great stuff. (We highly reccomend bookmarking that site.) She also makes art, and her next exhibition is in the U.K with Kill Your Family. This photo is part of a series from a group exhibition. Sanna drew on the model's face with dollar store eyeliner before displaying visual effects on her in a dark room. Sanna and her boyfriend have quite an obsessive collection of cameras so they play no favorites (although the praktica MTL3 is the one she uses the most). She recently bought a crappy 35mm 90's point and shoot, that makes a great noise when it zoom's. She will be taking pictures with it this summer while they drive around Europe in a crappy car. Check out Sanna's work on her Flickrportfolio, and Tourist Magazine. If you want to be featured as part of hearty’s Saturday Selection, get a Flickr and start uploading!

Round Up

Friday, May 27th, 2011
A round up of some of the best stories from the best sites from the past week The die hard bikers will hate, but Missoni is releasing a bike for Target. No pictures have been released yet but a little photoshopping and you get the picture. [Refinery29] The McQueen exhibit at The Met is so good they're extending the presentation until August 7. Now, you have enough time to get there from Brooklyn or Milwaukee. [The Cut] Two NYC Cops accused of rape get acquitted, making us sick and ensuing a protest. #rightfullyso #disgusting [Jezebel] Catherine Saint Louis examines the unrealistic bikini phenomenon. "It might just be cheaper to gain a fresh perspective." [NY Times] 6 brands that are sewing eco-consciousness into their seams. [Elle] Pay-Pal gives college kids $100,000 to drop out of school. There's obviously a catch. [Thought Catalog]