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excuse the writing.. i never had exceptional delivery on sharing stories! patience is a virtue for the next 5 minutes if you are reading.

BLOND:ISH in CHICAGO -- its been months since i've had a serious hangover... but going by our first experience in chicago @ crescendo (there is no escape of the staff feeding you dragonberry sour shots all night long and bottle mongoloids with their champagne)...

i knew that i'd be struggling to get out of bed to head to airport for fri 2pm flight to NYC for my weekend long date (thats another story)....

driver messages me at 4am saying that "12pm would be enough time to head to midway" for flight... i dont text him back "OK" assuming he'd be there at 12.  -- def a pet peeve of mine that "OK" text.

12:05pm rolls around, i'm outside of hotel like my not - so - punctual self and no driver... the band honor society is also hangin outside the dana hotel waiting for their tour bus to roll around....i call driver, obviously my assumption was wrong, i should have swallowed my pride and wrote back OK the night before... anyhoo... i start checking around for my passport (like you should always do before going to the airport) and i can't find it... mind you i havent lost anything in years and my life has been running very smoothly <knock on wood if you reading this>.  no stress.. i take the elevator up to anstascia's room - thank god she's in her room..and somehow they had it packed away by accident. she passes me the passport and i rush outta there.

12:35pm -- driver finally rolls up -- i'm like ... O'HARE pls!

1:00pm -- i'm starting to see familiar buildings n such... im like... "excuse me sir, are we near  MIDWAY airport!?!?!?" he's like yesss.  ughm. hello. my flight is out of OHARE!  <boing> i murmur a curse word <not sexy> but appropriate at the time. no stress. i take a second to think of options -- speak to a bbm contact and he books me on next flight out of MIDWAY -- problem solved in 3 minutes.

1:30 -- i go to check in for my flight and as i rummage through my stuff for my passport, I get a call from the other BLONDE -- in disbelief saying "Ughh.. viv i have your passport" --  i somehow left it on her table in the hotel room - for what reason we will never know.... definitely the BLONDE MOMENT of the year so far -- for some reason again that i will never know, i brought my Quebec driver's license with me -- I NEVER BRING MY DRIVERS LICENSE ANYWHERE out of the country... NEVER! this was the first hurdle was to see if the US ID checkers would accept it as acceptable ID! -- made it past checkin lady, and also made it through the ID man! yay.

last hurdle was to land safely in NYC. we crossed that hurdle with flying colors.

definitely made for an interesting day, but i could do without all the D.R.A.M.A. -- quite content with baby rollercoaster linear motion of things lately.

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