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"I care that I do something that's special!"

This is the coolest little feminist I've ever seen. I hope she starts an awesome band when she's eleven, writes a book at twenty and then, has four awesome mini-hers with her totally mellow stay-at-home-husband after she's "got a job".

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2 Responses to “The Littlest Feminist”

  1. K.L. Sich says:

    “her stay at home husband”

    Uhh, doesn’t a man need a job also? I mean feminism is all about equality isn’t it?

  2. Mish mish says:

    Feminist is also about being hilarious and making funny jokes about stereotypes. Maybe her and her husband go one-for-one on the stay-at-home-parent thing. Or maybe she grows up and finds out she’s into girls and not dudes? Who knows what possibilities lie out for this awesomely opinionated little 5-year-old.

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