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Mayer Hawthorne performing at the grand opening of The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

A few weeks ago, I headed to Vegas with the crew for the opening of The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas as Mayer Hawthorne was playing the grand opening and was picked to do the first bet! We got the royal treatment and let's just say my love for margaritas reached a whole new level. The hotel is by far one of the most beautiful hotels I've had the chance to step foot in and I've been fortunate to see many. The service was absolutely incredible and the rooms were nothing short of breathtaking. I had snapped pictures of the rooms but have no clue where they ended up. I felt like a child in a big toy store. It took a lot of will power to leave the books in the room behind when packing my stuff, one thing I did get to keep were the chocolate chip cookies and milk that somehow found their way into my room around 9 p.m. The wall paper in the closet had me thinking Kanye was about to pop out and perform for me at any second. Rooms aside, the decor made me feel like I was Alice In Wonderland, yet when I hit the shopping floor, I was greeted by sneaker stores and some of the tastiest restaurants. Don't be surprised if you catch a handsome boy in Visvims walking around, the Cosmopolitan finally brings a space in Vegas that catters to well...the none bedazzlers of this world that still love shiny things! Be sure to check out the giant chandelier, mind you it's slightly hard to miss!

Mayer doing The Cosmopolitan Hotel's first ever bet!

Kristen & Jeff

Mayer, Jo & Topher doing what they do best.

Jackson & I

And then things got blurry!

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