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I always secretly wished Jay-Z would end up with Mya in the same way I always thought Diddy was for JLO and Jadakiss for Mariah. What happens in this video is pure love, magic and everything in between. The matching jersey dress/ tank action has stood out in my mind since the very first time I saw this video. I haven't seen Jay do that with Beyonce and I take sacrificing one's integrity for the sake of matching, as a pure testament of passion. Matching male/ female things are an absolute no go, I don't care if you're being offered a free trip to the Bahamas and you have to wear matching tropical shirts for the whole stay in order to get the deal, the answer is no, but this is one matching exception I am willing to make! This summer, I will proudly wrap my hair in a tight bun, strut on a deserted beach, wear hooped earrings, grow out my bangs and wear a basketball jersey dress. Time to pick teams. I wouldn't mind a hearty team dress--always coming in 1st place!

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