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First thing..I laid my eyes on in the early hours of the Parisian streets..

Really, how French..

This was the morning scenery..first few days...

Wee hours of Paris...A perfect time to get work done!

Of course we had to make a stop at the Aimecube Shop...especially to catch the re-design...

Big Ups to Morgane for rolling her sleeves up and getting the job done, Its looking fresh...

and the feng on point, nice flow...

Overall, Nice Space with Super Nice stuff..check time your in Paris.

Boss Lady of Aimecube..getting the job done!!

Nice pieces by Adeline Affre

Just around the stop.. Clarence's Cafe (CroqZdent) Super healthy..and tasty..Miam!!

Plus..Clarence entertains you, while you eat! Great place to share a sandwich with a friend.

Had the pleasure to meet Momo's Papa...wat a cute Parisian old timer..& funny!

So I admit..I have an obsession with Parisian Kids Styles!

No one ever reports on the Freshy Youngin's street styles.. So i will give it a try...

This kid is too cool. Enuff said..

Because we LUVV to eat in Paris..indoors or out and about!!

The Dinner (the preparations) the Flat!!

The Dinner with all the ladies..and my sister was Head Chef...a lot of bossiness!! All worth it for the end result..

Miam..Miam...Yummy Yummy..

The clean plates..say it ALL!!

Oh lets not forget..The Desert!! Getting hungry now..

Where the desert came from...We don't play in Paris!! Ahhhhhhh.. La Patisserie's!!

Was really fortunate to make it out to Murakami's Self-Portraits Opening Night in Paris...

(not much pics..was in the moment) For detailed info on the opening nite..View Here

The space was...GRAND...very cheeky meeky!

Again..more meals...found an authentic Spanish Tapas Bar in the heart of Paris..yum..yum!

The in-between times..on the daily!!

Rolled out to Pigalle Shop BBQ on the streets of Pigalle..

Every time I'm here..something goes down at The Pigalle Store..

Woke morning to this note...Just Rad!!

War Fucking Mess..we already trademarked it..ahahahaha!

It truly made my morning...

(To be continued...stay tuned..more from Paris!!!)

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4 Responses to “Ahhhhhhhh!! Paris Again…& Again!”

  1. momo says:

    HEYYY muchacha dé loca!!!
    aqui morgana…nice blog here mmmm!!!

  2. Mdot Mdot says:

    Si si momocita..Muchacha dé Loca!! All day..everyday!! Miss u guys..

  3. Sandrine says:

    Paris Paris

  4. ashley says:

    LOVE all of this! You have made me so desperate to travel to Paris with YOU! I especially love the coverage on the stylish kids, youre right that one little boy is just too cool. I love seeing someone obviously born with an inate sense of style…miss you much lets hang out soon

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