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A group of freeskiiers led by JP Auclair started up a charity organization last year called Alpine Initiatives. Last summer the group headed to Kenya to work with World Peace Initiatives to help them build their first Amani Community Home. The Amani Community Home strives to be a new model for orphanages in Africa by inextricably linking itself with the community through several income generating projects that are interdependent and when, taken together, provide the income and products needed to make the home self sustainable. The Alpine Initiatives crew took on the responsibility of building the kitchen and dining room as well as designing and working on the surrounding land areas. This summer the crew returned to see the home complete and it's first residents moving in.

I think it's a truly amazing thing for a group of people to come together as they have and make something happen so quickly. To take their passion for the mountains and turn it towards making our world a better place. It's people like JP and his crew who truly inspire others to make a difference. It doesn't matter if it's $20 dollars or $1000, every little bit helps. Take the time to check out their site and follow their blog, it'll make you smile, I promise.

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