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Holy fucking shit, what is with my brain? I have no attention span. I'm like a fish or a fly or something that only can handle concentration for 10 seconds.

I got these original copies of Search & Destroy zines in San Franscisco from V.Vale himself. They are pages and pages of epic, long interviews from Iggy, Patti, Weirdos, Dead Boys, the list goes on. They are beautiful. Amazing. One-of-a-kind special. I am reading the interview, crouched over on my floor, and I can't get through a page because my mind flitters off to somewhere else. Like, "hey I want to take photos of that mini slide viewer" or "gotta email him/her back" or "maybe I can write a song on garage band". What the fuck? Everything I read, reminds me of something I should be doing, or could be doing, producing, even if it's nonsense. I write stuff, interviews, fashion pieces, reviews whatever and I cut it down to a page because my peers can't concentrate anymore. Because I can't concentrate, unless it's a novel.

I can't even concentrate on this.

I'm going to take those photos and then finish that Dead Boys interview, just after I download that VIBES album and finish eating this apple.

This is the worst.

Anyone get it?

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