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I've already introduced you to "Babes in the Park," so it's only fair I introduce you guys to "Babes in the Heat," aka NYC. If one more West coaster complains about the heat, they're gonna really get it. That said, believe it or not but the heat can be the sole catalyst for a seriously good time. A few weeks ago now, I paid the East Coast hearty unit a visit and lets just say things got out of control, or in control if we're referring to a good time. I got to catch up with Hana, Liz, my SF girlfriend M.Dot, the whole Keys N Krates camp, the Agenda squad who had some silly bands ready for me, our very own Yoshi whom I managed to get tipsy and to top it all off I nearly met my maker the night I was caught in a torrential beer downpour at a not so famous Morrissey night. They say "pictures or it didn't happen." I say "be glad the pictures didn't happen!"

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