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Well, it's official. Reality television has hit an all-time low. Last week's episode of Bachelor Pad proved to the world that objectification is really a sport when the women of the house were dressed up in white bikinis with targets on their backs (bind-folded) while the men came out with eggs aiming to hit the girl they deemed "ugliest". As the team at Jezebel pointed out, "This game seems better suited for schoolyard bullies or, well, nowhere at all ever because it is fucking terrible. I don't know that I can think of a more grotesque humiliation ever aired on reality television, and that's saying a lot."

Watch this video HERE.

First off, this is sick. It's sexism, misogyny and objectification at it's worst. Not only do I think it's disgusting that the network gave the green light to this game, but that none of these women turned around and said, "Uh, fuck no. No, I will not participate because this is downright awful." Why did no one say anything? Why did these women willingly turn around and wait for an egg to hit them in the ass? Perhaps money, as one contestant pointing out in passing.

During the event, a curvaceous blonde named Erica took the hardest beating. Nearly 80% of the eggs tossed were directed at her. After the game was over, Erica cried (no, duh) and told the camera how bad she felt about herself. She said that even when the egg didn't hit her, it still hurt when the host said that the egg was "intended for Erica". Then, something interesting happened. Erica tried to justify her feelings of rejection with a healthy dose of female competition. Erica said that she was the most naturally curvaceous woman in the house, compared to the other girls "who are naturally skinny with fake boobs". Then, she singled out a girl named Ella, who she said she was not as pretty as her but now has the confidence - given to her by this wonderful little game - to think she is better than Erica. Ding, dong, duh! I think we can see that this game got the result it wanted: pitting women against women. Female jealousy and resentment, especially when created by the objectification and approval of the male gaze, can often result in emotional and physical fights. Add in the reality television element and you are guaranteed tears and maybe some hair pulling. It's obvious that this game was designed to create competition between these women and destroy their confidence. It was intentional degradation and manipulation. And it was disgusting.

This is the kind of thing that pops into my head when I hear some asshole say, "Why do we even need feminism anymore?" We need it. What we don't need is shit like this on network television. That's about as necessary as an egg to the back.

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