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The bad luck 13 shirt

I always thought bad luck shirts were a myth until the sad day I found mine, 22 years into life as a sequin lover. The bad luck shirt in question happens to be one of my favorite pieces--a mere 5 minutes after it's purchase it was deemed  "the best shirt ever!" My first encounter with this 1940's vintage piece took place at a vintage shop after a quiet breakfast. It caught my eye and wouldn't let me go and in typical female behavior, I had to play hard to get by walking away. 24 painful hours passed me by, and I still couldn't stop thinking about it, I knew we were meant to be together. Every bead was neatly hand sewn down this white (more like beige) piece of see-through fabric. Lets face it, sequins are fun and if there was an intervention episode for sequin addicts, I'd probably be the one yelling down the intervention room hallway, dropping to the floor to catch every falling sequin as the security guards attempt to pull me back for that inevitable  "we all love you but..." speech. Aside from making the most fantastic sound when I walk down the street and making me feel like I just walked out of a 1940's musical, something I'm totally okay with, this shirt never fails to give me a good kick in the ass--some people call it the ying yang, I call it shitty! So far I've sprained my ankle wearing it (perhaps more than once), I found out someone had rented me an apartment that had bed bugs the first night I moved in (I quickly moved out) and more over I lost my keys in a cab. I'm not of the superstitious kind but in most games they say 3 strikes and you're out--does this apply to bad luck shirts? In the words of Bat for Lashes, "What's a Girl to Do?" Get rid of her dream shirt? What do you guys think?

Miss Lawn and I having an amazing time celebrating her birthday prior to the bed bug discovery. Yucky!

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3 Responses to “Bad Luck 13 Shirt”

  1. Hana May Hana says:

    Dye it black!

  2. Hana May Hana says:

    Or royal blue!

  3. Charlotte charlotte says:

    turn it into a decorative pillow

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