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I'm starting to pay more attention to my accessories...or lack there of. Paris made me rethink a lot of my style which, to my surprise, proved to be very North American.

Concerning bags specifically, while I was vacationing I nearly dropped 500 euros on a Vanessa Bruno purse. At first sight I labelled it a neccessity. I spent two full days lusting over it only to see it in the window around 4 am one night as we passed by with our "weekend friends". At that moment, with the lights off and no sales staff I realized that I didn't need its thick gold chain on my shoulder to have the kind of fun I was having, to feel the confidence I was feeling or to alter the way I was looking. Plus a months rent for something with a flashy gold chain? I've thought about the bag a few times since, normally when throwing my modestly priced Club Monaco purse across the drivers seat and thinking, "There's no effing way I'd be bringing that flashy chain bag with me to work everyday".

All this to say that Rebecca Minkoff dropped her new Fall line and the pieces are more for the every day designer purse girl. If you are looking for a hip, wearable, affordable designer purse click click click away. She just launched an online shop and would probably love for you to stop by.

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