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Yes, so as previously reported they do in fact have beaches in NY. I know a lot of you were shocked by this claim, but the proof is in the pics. This one was in Long Island. Can anyone say beach babes were us! Thanks for the awesome day ladies!

Given the ridiculous number of weird turns, street names, exits and my faulty navigation system/instructions, it's a wonder we even got there. There was also a $10 cover charge and surprisingly we weren't on the guest list! Luckily we snuck in teen barbed-wire fence jumping styles (ok maybe we just walked past the gate) and were packing up as the "beach police" were coming around looking for beach passes. 'Uh, our friend that has it was just right here she must have..." Until next time--keep it salty!

After a long hard day tanning. Peep the hot lifeguards in the background. They also exist.

Shot coming back over the Williamsburg Bridge.

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