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This is Josiah Hughes. He's a writer and plays in the band, Grown-Ups. He also made these Justin Bieber shirts to raise money for his band to go on tour, but people like them a lot. You can now purchase the shirts on Etsy, click here. Josiah will also be talking to Devon of MuchMusic tonight at 5:18 MST about Bieb Flag ("RIDICULOUS"). I decided to ask him a few questions about his weird little tee.

Why did you decide to make The Bieb Flag shirts?

Josiah: It started as a dumb joke on Tumblr. I had seen the Tegan and Sara ones and a few of the other four bar parodies, but this one seemed like the best logical extension of that idea. I think those other people made them from the perspective of being Tegan and Sara fans, this is more about the ridiculous polar opposites that Justin Bieber and Black Flag are. But then, when I started thinking about it, it was scary to realize there are some major similarities. Biebz got huge on YouTube, which is pretty DIY, and both of them cause riots. From the other perspective, I love that I'm pissing off punks on websites.

Do you think the Biebs knows who Black Flag is?

Josiah: Absolutely not. I sure love following him on Twitter though. He often Tweets about how he managed to squeeze in some time at the golf course and stuff. He's like a mini office dad. Also, what's funny is that because of all this hype, the shirt has been viewed nearly 10,000 times. But we've only sold around 60. I think that's because there is probably only a small handful of people who understand both cultural references and see why it's funny. A lot of friends ask me who Justin Bieber is, a lot of kids don't know who Black Flag is.

My sister thinks Justin Bieber is hot. I think he is a troll. What do you think about his "cuteness"?

Josiah: When I listen to him talk or see pictures of him, I just want to stuff him in a locker or give him a swirly. I guess I'm more of a Jonas man, myself.

They are all man babies to me.

Josiah: It also has me thinking more about the kids, and making me feel old. Like, why aren't any of their heroes remotely bad ass?

What teen stars were ever bad ass? Maybe they were bad ass behind closed doors, but I imagine that wouldn't have been a good thing. So, if you make a million dollars off these shirts and you get to meet Bieber and go on a friend date, what would you do?

Josiah: I think I would probably take him to the Alf House.

And get him so drunk that he pukes then he'd have to sleep over and he'd wake up with scurvy and be like "Where's my white towel?"

Josiah: Or maybe he would accidentally get into a talk about Scandinavian punk with Chad Loewen and fall asleep.

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