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Those of you who've been following my Twitter know that last week I was in NY takin' care of some bizness and workin' my ass off BUT when I wasn't grindin' I was out and about w/ my girls... eating, drinking, talkin' shit and roaming the streets.

On friday night, we had a "Blogirls night out" and started the evening off w/ dinner at Negril in west village... which btw, was BANGIN'. You've gotta try the Oxtail w/ rice and plantains... bomb!

Yoshi (Adventures of Yoshi // // What The Forks), BFF Vernie (P&P), Me, Chico (Misschico) and Wendy (Nitro // Retrogurl)

Someone said, "LOOK MAD" but Yoshi's smiling, Vernie looks sweet, and Chico & Wendy look emo'...


After a couple of drinks, Wendy got a lil' frisky w/ me... haha, j/k. Check out her arm candy... must have!!!

This is our favorite pic of the night... me and billz channeling our inner Edina and Patsy from our fave show back in the day, Absolutely Fabulous.

For outfit details check it out here.

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