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The immediate afto-like frizzing of our straight Blond:ish locks is a clear indication that we have landed in Miami. We anticipated this week to be exactly what it was. Full of sun, shmoozing, and boozing. Never would we of thought to have laughed so hard at such ridiculousness.

The best story has to be Paris Hilton getting into a fight with one of house music's best producers of today, Steve Angello. Apparently, Paris was with her movie star boyfriend Doug Reinhart ( who?) at Liv, the new multimillion dollar megaclub at the Fountain Blue Hotel. As she quotes on her blog, “the music was giving her a migrane”. Out of nowhere, we see many partyers stare at her as she storms to the dj booth and demands Steve Angello to play some hiphop, Daft Punk or Bob Sinclar. Obviously Steve wasn’t too impressed and insulted by her request. With a unmistakable hand signal, he ‘shooes’ her out of the dj booth. Many people were quoted to have seen Paris’ boyfriend slap Steve in the face, which subsequently turned into a fullout brawl between Paris’ and Steve’s bouncers.

The next day at the Beatport party, Steve was rocking a teeshirt saying “I love Paris.”


Really paris, can I pleaaaaaaase be your new BFF??? What an embarrassment to our shade of hair. She’s at WMC , the most famous week known playing only electronic music. Someone please tell her go back to Malibu or Vegas where she’s maybe a bit more wanted. As usual, after every double you em see week, you need another vacation to rehab and recover from the insanity. What a mess.

Stay tuned for more stories..

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