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The Burton New Zealand Open has come to a close. That’s two checks off of my list of things to do while on this trip, only one more and then it’s mellow shred time. The Burton NZ crew has started a bit of an Open kickoff tradition with Monday Funday. It was a really similar schedule as last year. We showed up at 7:15 am for breakfast at Joe’s Garage in Queenstown, well at least I did, the rest of the Burton crew didn’t arrive until 8:00, but at least Joe’s makes decent coffee.

After breakfast we took jet boats up the river to the Kawarau Bridge Bungy, which is actually the very first bungy site in all of NZ. Almost everyone in our crew jumped, except for Gabe who was being a major pussy. Shelly and I chose to go tandem which made the jump a bit less scary. I thought I was alright until we got strapped in and started to walk out on the ledge. It’s the craziest feeling when everything in your body is yelling NO at you and you can overcome that and still jump. The guys working were amazing though, kicking my heels to make me get out far enough on the ledge and then making sure we were distracted until we jumped. We almost didn’t have time to back out they were so on it. The second I jumped I was so stoked! It’s a really cool feeling and an insane adrenaline rush. I wanted to do it again after and I had a huge smile on my face for the rest of the day. It was super fun to go with a friend and see their reaction so up close.

After everyone got a chance to jump we took the jetboats to Jack’s Point golf course were we were treated to a lovely lunch and some golfing. Susie, Possum, Melissa and I chose to just chill and drink coffee and tea rather than sucking at golf. It was nice to unwind a bit after the rush of jumping off a bridge. Once everyone had finished their rounds of golf we got back in the jet boats and returned to town. Once again the NZ Burton crew outdid themselves and treated us to an amazing and super fun day. Such a great way to start off a contest week.

The contest itself wasn’t so great, bad weather stuck around the entire week, everything from ice to wind to fog to rain and of course all of those things came together for finals day. It’s bad enough when we get stuck with bad conditions but it’s really unfortunate when an event chooses to not listen to the athletes. It happens, but it’s a shame when we can’t do what we do best because of conditions and the organizers failing to realize how dangerous it can be for people to ride under those circumstances. Everyone survived though and hopefully if mother nature decides to grace us with her presence next year the organizers will choose to actually use a weather day when they have it scheduled. Congrats to Jamie Anderson on her NZ Open hat trick, to NZ local Shelly for taking second and to Kjersti for taking third. Nice riding ladies! I ended up 5th place, definitely wasn’t what I was looking for, but stoked I came out of it in one piece.

This week we’re shooting the 2012 Burton catalogue up at Snow Park and Cardrona. Don’t expect an update, this shit is top secret fools!

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