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so i've been lagging big time on updates, blame it on house renovations and moving. maybe just a little bit on the fact life has been pretty stale as of late. the other day i did take off on a two city whirlwind with burton though. they're busy premiering their new movie "the B" all over north america and i got to attend two of the stops. my first stop was in seattle where they set us up in the awesome hotel max fully equipped with one of the best beds ever. i was rooming with fellow female shred natashza zurek so we stopped for lunch at an awesome little organic food store for smoothies and sandwiches before we had to head to the autograph signing at snocon. there wasn't a huge turn out, but the people who did show were really awesome and stoked to see all of the riders. besides nat and myself, kevin pearce, danny davis, mason aguirre, mikey rencz and mikkel bang were in attendance. after the signing we all headed to the movie, which was playing at the pacific science center on the imax screen. we threw out some prizes, gave away a few snuggies and headed to the afterparty which boasted lots of free booze, nachos and karaoke. nat, mason and the man behind the world tour madness, liam all sang. mason did a solid rendition of hey ya and liam payed homage to seattle with a bit of teen spirit. the next morning we headed to calgary and snow? more on that later...


lovely vancouver, sea busing it.

my junk, i do not travel light.

the view from my hotel. seattle is awesome.

the space needle, i wish we had of gone up it.

nat being serenaded but the hottest guy in the bar.

'shake it like a polaroid picture' she did.

smells like teen spirit.

the difference between us.

good morning.

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