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we flew out of seattle pretty early and were greeted in calgary by snow and -12 degree weather. i definitely didn't bring the proper attire for weather like that and it was a harsh reality check when i realized how close winter really is. the premier went great, a ton of people showed up hungary to see the new movie and even hungrier for winter. after the signing and showing we all headed to the hi fi in downtown calgary for a few beverages. i was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by art by my favorite artist ben tour upon entering. lifetime set up a little showing for some of his new pieces and they looked awesome, i included a few shots below. one day one of those suckers is going to be hanging above my bed. it's on the list along with owning a '67 mustang...dreams though, just dreams.

four hours later i was still at the bar catching up with old friends and drinking the night away on burton's tab. can't beat that! enjoy the photos below.







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