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Sorry for the lag, I really don't do ANYTHING when i'm at home, thus I really have very little to write about to you fine people. Not to mention the fact that the Chicken Jam (yes, I'm aware of the ridiculous name and the gender equality issues it represents) and Miss Superpark weren't as exciting as one would hope. I posted a photo I got from Superpark which is usually a no no but it's already all over the internet so why not? I'm really stoked on it, Espen Lystad is the man and I really like shooting with him. The trips were fun, but my ankle wasn't holding up very well so I didn't get much done. I actually wish I had of just come home instead of pushing it and keeping my ankle hurt for longer than necessary.

Method Mo Hani!

True love.

Girls hanging out, we do that sometimes.

Last day meal at "Get the Burger". Awesome hat courtesy of Izze.

Natasza is one of my favorite humans and this is why.

I had a week and a half off, back in Vancouver. I missed a bunch of epic pow days in Whistler and the closing weekend of Seymour, but I really wanted my ankle to heal up in time for the trip I'm on right now. I got a last minute invite to a Snowboard Mag shoot in Aspen. It was tied in with Freeskier Mag as well so Grete Eliassen aka "G Baby" was there with me. We will both be cover girls come November thanks to the fine people at Snowboard and Freeskier, so look out for that next season. I'm really stoked to have been offered the opportunity and I feel like we came away with some awesome shots thanks to the extremely talented Mike Basher. It was one the quickest, most organized shoots I have ever done. Grete and I both got our respective shots in one night and still managed to get to drive the cat for a bit! Driving a snow cat was never on my bucket list, but that night it got put on and taken off within a couple of hours. Those things are so much fun and I now understand why park builders and groomers trade a normal life for the graveyard shift. Best toy ever, if I'm ever super rich I'm buying one and never using my sled again.

My new whip, don't mess with me!

After Aspen I went to Breckenridge for a few days just to shred, see my good friend Meg and kill some time before going to Germany for a Burton shoot. Breck was fun but my ankle was bugging me again so I mostly just cruised around and hung out with friends. On Sunday I was supposed to make the trek over to Germany for a Burton park shoot but that damn volcano got the best of me. For those of you living under a rock, European air travel as been at a standstill since the 14th due to a volcano in Iceland spewing ash everywhere. It ruined my trip, but at least i'm not sleeping on an airport floor in some random country. Good luck to everyone who's trying to make it somewhere or trying to make it home. I hope you enjoy the adventure at the very least.

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