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I don't think I've gone camping since I was a kid. The reason is simple--I can't handle bugs or bug bites and tend to swell like a balloon and become a total bitch. I love the outdoors and if I could I'd probably buy a house in the middle of nowhere, where I'd spend the majority of my week, with a doggy, a man and the sun and come into the city during the weekends to enjoy the perks of city life.

I found an answer to my problems. After considering purchasing Sham Wow and other ridiculous products, I think I may cave, sell my soul to the infomercial gods and get the OFF! Clip On Insect Repellent. This thing is like a mini fan and spreads repellent everywhere you go. If only they made one of those to get rid of human bugs, life would be so awesome! Until then, catch me at a camp site near you with this bad boy clipped on...

edit: Mira raised an interesting question. Can this thing truly spray from head to toe. Would I have to wear it on a hat? I'm totally serious...Think it would work then?

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2 Responses to “Camping”

  1. jennifer says:

    seems bad for the enviro??

  2. Kenza Kenza says:

    No clue Jenn! Seems bad for humans… no?

    I have a feeling their products have to be green…

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