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Found myself djing at Ultra Supperclub in Toronto last Thursday with a few added surprises during the night to make it extra memorable. A little after Kaya Jones' (Pussycat Dolls) performance, I had a guy come in the booth requesting that I play a spanish song... "any spanish remix" he says.

As he is asking me this, he pulls out what looks like a hefty wad of 100 dollar bills, thinking it might entice me to play it. As he is fidgeting through his stack of 100's, he finds a bill and throws it down on the mixer. I look at it and its BLUE! a five dollar bill with a receipt attached to it! I say... five dollars!? You expect me to play a spanish song for $5, after you showed off your thick wad of cash!?

Firstly, I barely ever take requests, and I most certainly wouldn't charge you for it if its reasonable one, ... but if you are going to try and impress me by showing off how much money you have in your pocket, then throw a measly five dollar bill down on my mixer ....... ha, i'm not a dumb cookie!

So the "requester" is like, "Oh that's not enough", and I say "na uh!!!", so then throws a $100 down... and I said thank you :)

I guess this would happen most in New York, the act of giving tips to the dj to play certain tracks!
I remember another time when I used to do the Wednesday night parties at the W Hotel inside the Wunderbar, someone offered me $300 to play a 50 cent song... too bad I didnt have it ;)

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