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Remember that band Lillix? I do because my mom cut out a photo of them and stuck in on the fridge. She liked them that much. My mom was also a Z95.3 FM mom, which meant the back of her blue van was suffocating with radio stickers. Z 95.3 liked Lillix almost as much as my mom did. I also remember Lillix because my very good friend, Louise, was the founding bass player.

Lillix were an all-girl Canadian rock band who formed in high school. They got big and eventually did videos with Lindsay Lohan (when she was still somewhat clean and all "Freaky Friday"), signed to Maverick Records, got nominated for some Juno awards and jammed with Patti Schemel in L.A. Since the glory days of the early 2000's, Lillix has fizzled out, but today I discovered their Parisian doppelganger: The Plastscines.

The Plastscines are all an all-girl French band who also met and formed in high school. They play pop-rock music, like to wear sparkly shit and document their shopping trips. They are signed to Virgin France and are Nylon's current favorite thing. Like Lillix, they are all model-esque girls that sing relatable yet abstract horoscope style lyrics. Oh, and they also have a bass player named Louise.

Watch both videos separately then, in sync on mute. Scary.

Here is The Plastscines "Barcelona" video (2009):

Rewind three years and here is Lillix doing it first (note: Louise's tiny goth bangs):

HOLY DOPPELGANGERS! It's like who came first the chicken or the girl pop?

I think you can stop both videos at the same time frames (:56, 2:07, etc) to hit the dance beat 3-vocal chorus, the whispered break down followed by the explosive finale. Hey, but that's pop right? Theodor Adorno said it's a formula and perhaps we don't so much as like it, but just know it so well that we can't recognize anything else. If we're taking formulas, the pop cocktails of Lillix and The Plastscines are about as different as a Chi Chi and a Pina Colada. And, for those of you who haven't worked at a bar, that isn't a big difference. It's really just a matter of garnish.

Canadian pop bands like exotic treats such as sushi...

But the Frenchies like trustworthy vodka in a plastic cup...

Canadians like their girl bands to have a wide range of hair styles...

While the French like to show diversity with face paint...

But all pop bands need a smokin' hot, finger pluckin' bass player named Louise...

Sorry France, but Canada wins the Louise-off.

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