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My vote is to celebrate this meal at Relish on Whyth street in Brooklyn. (seriously so good!). I'll be in New york for the long weekend with my girlsfriends and I am so excited I am secretly hoping someone brings Beyonce for the car.

Where are your favorite New York eats? And don't you love Thanksgiving? Second only to Halloween, its my favorite... As my friend Annie put it "A holiday that doesn't require presents and is all about food". What could be better?

Emily as a pizza slice and Me (as Andrew WK after I started having an allergic reaction to the blood dripping down my nose) expressing my love for both Pizza and Emily Allen.


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2 Responses to “Canadian Thanksgiving in America”

  1. Victoire says:

    Yeah Relish!! We went to an awesome taco place that was around that area too last time we were there…Just ask someone for the place with the really great tacos. And Pink Tea Cup always!

  2. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    TACO CHULOS?? It is great. I still haven’t been to Pink Tea Cup!! I bailed on you girls for an Enid’s brunch that one time. I will look it up. xo

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