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Last night I stopped by the Chinatown Soccer Club (CSC)/Incase event. Seeing as it was only 4 blocks away, and they had free Asia Dogs (look it up), Asahi and sake (try saying those words together 3 times fast), it was a really a tough sell to drag me there. To launch their collaboration, CSC and Incase created a really cool temporary clubhouse at 195 Chrystie Street. The Clubhouse will be open 12-7 pm April 29 - May 2 and will showcase CSC photos, posters, jerseys and trophies.

I got to see all the wonderful ladies from Exposure (I seriously love those ladies and I'm not just saying that 'cause they feed me like once a month) and ran into some hearty (and personal) friends like Amy Gunther and Jeff Staple (We still have some stickers left!). There was also these kids there that were so cute and stylin' (not to mention one was skateboarding) that I wanted to munch them up--maybe more than the delicious hot dogs.


You decide.

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