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Christmas has this way of bringing about a wave of confidence in people--it makes them do things they otherwise wouldn't necesarilly do. I guess you could call it being high/ delusional on Christmas. That said, I'm a huge fan of Christmas music, no shame here--over the last decade, I've witnessed some serious Christmas crimes. Christmas songs are like hair cuts, they should NOT be messed with unless you know how to handle them. Many have attempted to hop on the christmas music making wagon. Here are some of the worse. I'd like to say that the only artist of the 90's to put out a hit Christmas record is Mariah Carey and for that reason she gets to be first on my list, after that it's pure hilarity...


Mariah can attend my Christmas party anytime. Real Talk--I'll even let her bring her man friend, yeah you know the mildly annoying one.


Jim Jones had a really hard time writing Santa his wish list last year. It's okay Jimmy, I want a Dip Set reunion too... the big man Cam' says it ain't happening though. Try again this year!

I've never seen a family get along so marvelously, not even in Home Alone. Juelz really loves his sisters, and they all get along great too! But why is there only 1 Bentley? Man I'd be pissed if my brother got my 1 sister one and not the rest of us. Something is fishy here...

Yes friends, Beyonce does her own Christmas shopping and more over don't let Kelly mislead you, belly tops are still not in.

I couldn't subject you to the real N'Sync Christmas video, that guy whose name no one knows's hair (yeah you know who I'm talking about) is just way too out of control. The audio will have to do...

I couldn't wrap this post off with a FAIL so here is a real quality Christmas gem. "Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole. That's all you need to know...HAPPY HOLIDAYS xo

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4 Responses to “Christmas Music Fail”

  1. Hana May Hana says:

    How dare you speak ill of Nick.

  2. Kenza kenza says:

    Nick who? haha (barf)

  3. Mish Mish says:

    The lyrics to Destiny’s Child Xmas song are out of control. Who the fuck wants a belly ring for Christmas?

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