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A few weekends ago I got to go to breakfast with my babe friend Sheri, her beautiful daughter Jordy (who happens to be the proud owner of a petting zoo: 9324392 cats, snakes, geckos, more cats, bunny rabbits, gorillas... kidding but she may as well) and her husband Blake who was my hardcore dad until I managed to hold my own and learn to bark a bit. Not much has changed since I've left them for Montreal, I've gotten a little meaner, slightly more grown up (I can kinda cook now), Blake still rules, Jordy is still the cutest little lady and Sheri... well Sheri is Sheri.. two words.. girl crush. The only new thing is Sheri's latest tattoo. Jordy drew a dinosaur (no she doesn't have any of those at the petting zoo), and asked her mama to get it tattooed and just that she did. The result is the best/ cutest tattoo ever!

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