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I actually tried to produce pillows with the exact same concept back when I moved to Toronto to go to school. The transfer printing paper was expensive though and my action attitude was still in the procrastinate stage.Within a year of having the idea they had popped up in shops everywhere. Sometimes I feel like ideas are just floating around for anyone to take advantage of and that you must take action immediately before someone else does. "JUST DO IT" I guess you could say that's my of them anyway.

There's two things I'm trying to get to here. One, years later I made a body pillow for my then boyfriend for Valentines day. I sewed on clothes to look like my body and printed my head with that same computer image transfer paper. Yes, I know, hilarious. And it was me being funny on purpose, (i swear), although I’m a lover and romantic which, combined with a creative mind, can result in unappreciated craftyness.

Second, I came across the pillows today and I still love them like its 2003.

So I'm sharing...

meow meow you can buy me here!

hop hop you can buy me here!

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