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In english... When a dj can't beatmatch 2 songs together we conveniently call it a TRAINWRECK! Properly suited towards the action I presume! I'm proud to say I've officially bumped trainwreck out of my vocab and replaced it with a much more suitable descriptive. While in Panama having dinner at Indigo I learned their descriptive word for trainwreck is PATACONES! Thanks to Ivan Escala, trusted party promoter and sweetheart from Panama City/Reload Nightlife -- Smash that plantain/banana, then fry it up!

Altho some tend to say patacones are an untasty traditional dish... much like a trainwreck can be untasty, i beg to differ. I love fried plantains, and I also don't mind hearing a dj patacone a mix! Call it ironic, but I find it tastefully refreshing.

Wondering what the people in Iceland use to describe a patacones?

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