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Excuse the re-post from my WhatTheHellz blog but I'm too lazy to post up something new... lol. But anyways, If you've been down with Hellz for awhile then you'd remember a graphic tee I did awhile back called Danger Is My Beat.

Well, shortly after I made that graphic, Chanel came out w/ some shoes that kinda looked like it. I got emails, text messages, you name it... asking me if I saw the shoe. Unlike the whole Moussy fiasco, the Chanel shoe had the same concept but wasn't a complete rip of my graphic. But fuck, even if it was... it's fuckin' Chanel, I wouldn't mind at all! I'd actually be hyped if Chanel knocked Hellz, wouldn't you?!

Well, anyways... a few weeks back my girl Kathy hit me up about some shoes that she saw at the mall that looked like the Danger Is My Beat graphic. I asked her to cop 'em for me and being the awesome friend that she is, she totally did. Thanks Kathy!

Ok, so OH-EM-GEE you've gotta see these heels... They totally look EXACTLY like my graphic. I dunno if I should be mad at the company that made them OR mad at myself for not making them first, cuz they look SIIIIICKKK!!! I can't wait to rock them...

Don't be surprised if I come out w/ my own pair but even sicker!!! Would you rock 'em?

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