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Sometimes I play bass in this band called Eating Out. Why we named our band Eating Out none of us know. We can't remember. We were drunk in a green room throwing red cups around and we all thought it would be cool or something. I think I probably said it. Maybe we wanted to be eating burgers on the cover (funny, since our tape eventually came out on Burger Records). Anyways, Eating Out doesn't really play that much because it's a side project band made up of people who are in touring bands, however we did make a really lavish music video. The "Burn" video is the brain child of our front man Daniel Pitout and it was executed by Liam Mitchell and Cody Fennell. All our friends acted in the video. It's paying homage to the 90's. I expect Billy Corgan to sue when it comes out. Enjoy the stills.

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