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A recent study showed that 54% of women said they prefer to date men with iPhones. The study, which was held by Phone4u, also taught us that even though women are picky about brands, they are not so picky about make or model.

Are iPhone sales decreasing? Have straight men stopped buying iPhones? What is the point of this?

"37% of those quizzed said that owning an iPhone makes a man seem more reliable, to which nearly all went on to say that a second date would be likely."

Anna North of Jezebel remarked that even though the research is "obviously flawed, I'm ashamed to say it may have a grain of truth." North admitted that adding "owning an iPhone" to the list if reasons to date a man is shallow and ridiculous, but she also noted that the iPhone owner is attractive to her because she likes a dude who "knows how to get places". If navigation is her big turn-on, I guess the iPhone's GPS is the closest she's going to get to a modern-day Columbus.

When I first read this article, I emailed two very smart and career-oriented women I know. Women on-the-go. I linked the article then jokingly asked them,

"Do you prefer a man with an iPhone or Black Berry?"

Girl 1: Okay, so this is totally insane and you can't ever quote me and I'm totally fucked up for saying this but I would totally be more attracted to a man with a Blackberry because they have BBM and BBM is so much fucking fun for all things textual. Reality.

Girl 2: She's just blinded by BBerry infatuation and isnt thinking of the "R" received, then no response. You, would go NUTS!

Girl 1: GOING NUTS IS PART OF THE WHOLE THING. They were able to recreate the club on bbm. Like when you walk in somewhere and the dude doesn't talk to you. BBM Is a virtual club, you're constantly taking a risk.... This is so fucking pyscho.

Girl 2: You're insane. I don't like my relationships driving me nuts, thank you.

Girl 1: Girl boy same shit, there's constant suspense.

Girl 2: Suspense? Girl you need to rent yourself a Van Damn movie or some shit.

Girl 1: YO listen woman, I'm giving the realness here so homegirl can write an accurate article. This is the reality of why people like bbm, go lick a fucking iphone. On top of it there's a reason why women are addicted to their bb's notice Suzy* quit hers when she got a man, and that's the way it goes. BB is a singles phone! Swooping your finger on the iphone screen looks fruity. Dabbing at it also looks dumb. Period. Not much to argue there.

Girl 2: She's using words like realness... you can tell how reliable she is a source.

I don't know... they both look pretty "fruity" to me.

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  1. Hana May Hana says:

    A bunch of nuts and berries.

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