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Dean Young looking New England-style dapper in black and white.

I haven't tried to streamline this blog because I'm not a very streamlined person. I'm all over the place! I like novelty tattoos, sharks in Somalia, fur, Russian prisons and old chicks. Sometimes I hang out at art galleries drinking free wine and other times I stay at home watching The Bachelorette drinking cheap wine.

My writing career has been the same. At university, I started in poetry and moved on to playwriting then dabbled in screenwriting. After I graduated, I moved into more profitable areas of writing and published everything from lifestyle features to straight-up ad copy. I don't always know where I'm going with this writing game but it's safe to say that I'll always been laying down type in some way or another. I love it even though it doesn't always love me!

Poetry is my first love. I spent a few years in a very poetry-oriented community and hated 95% of what that entailed. Poets are, largely, totally annoying. Poetry readings are full of poets and it becomes the most pretentious circle jerk of all time. Playwriting was such a relief because you actually have an audience. It was refreshing to let go and hand over your writing to actors and directors. My favourite productions were minimalist set designs with my friends as actors on a stage at the back of a bar that was usually reserved for bands.

But really, poetry is my first love because when it's good, it's so good. I'm on a deadline right now but I got caught up in scrolling through poets that I haven't read in awhile. Judy Jordan's murder-y dark poems and Frederick Seidel's bougie witty poems and Sylvia Legris' nutjob nihilistic poems. I've posted other poems on this blog too, including Richard Siken's "Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out" and David Berman's "The Charm of 5:30."

Here's another one. It's Dean Young's "Bronzed". Maybe next time I'll post film clips or my favourite grocery store fashion editorials on this blog. Who knows? Unstreamlineable.

Bronzed by Dean Young

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  1. Hillary Hill says:

    dean young is the man, read his poem Undertow. fucking love him.

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