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This weekend, hearty got into some weekend trouble at Tribe in Montreal with Calgary's finest, Dj Pump. While Mrs. Lohan was meant to host the event, this Eh! Team member, was the man of the house, the cherry on top of the sundae and the spotlight of the night. This boy brought a modern day meaning to "last night the Dj saved my life," this time he saved us from Lohan by stealing the show and tearing the club up with some of his fine mixes as well as his vicious mixing techniques. Meanwhile, Lilo accompanied him from a distance with her fearless texting skills (are we surprised?). We noticed she was great at camouflaging herself, given she never showed her face to those who had shown up to see her. One thing that did magically show up though was her list of music requests for Pump. We commend Pump for diligently putting the list aside and doing his thing... for this we deem you a hearty boy. Let's just say those who showed up to see Lindsay did not leave disappointed given they had just been blessed by the sounds of today's hearty boy Dj Pump. Pump is currently on tour across Canada, check his tour dates here.

Note: Please excuse the photos. There's nothing worse than realizing your camera batteries have failed you. I never thought this day would come but thank god for the iphone!

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2 Responses to “DJ PUMP x LINDSAY LOHAN x Hearty”

  1. Hana says:

    I’m going to go ahead and say those are BBerry photos and not iPhone photos. Just saying…

  2. Kenza Kenza says:

    Nope, I made use of Patrick’s iphone. I keep the berry old school strictly biz, you know… no camera… no getting into trouble ;) !

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