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i'm still in new zealand, week four now, and the last few days have been absolutely horrible. rainy, windy, cold and cloudly, all the things you want when you're trying to snowboard every day. all the down time hasn't done much for me, i resorted to getting a twitter account, scouring for delicious new recipes and then turning said recipes into food that i've eaten. making cakes every day isn't exactly the way to stay fit, but at least it passes the time. i've also been doing a lot of online shopping, minus the actual purchasing part, at great sites like pixie market , leelee lunettes, and la garconne to name a few. i wish i was somewhere where i could go shopping on a day like today, however, new zealand's "cities" are few and far between and i'm stuck in little wanaka for two more weeks. oh yeah, i almost forgot, i changed my ticket and won't be coming home until the 15th now. stoked to stay down here and shred a bit more.

i'm boring, i know, sorry.

talk soon,


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