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Drew Barrymore is the ultimate charmer. In fact, I might even argue that she is the most charming woman in Hollywood. For someone who was in rehab by the age of 13 I think she turned out pretty decent. According to Dave Letterman (and Letterman knows best), she is "a lovely person". Maybe he just wanted to get that tit show again? Drew is a successful actress, producer and director who has always managed to stay in the purgatory between total fuck-up and America's sweet heart. Her only downfall was marrying Tom Green, but she bounced back from that seriously mortifying moment. That takes finesse.

Even as a small child (before she was drunk on fame and Bourbon), Drew was animated, cute and not totally creepy like Dakota Fanning. She was poised, childish and hilarious. Excuse me, while I remove my fake teeth on national television like it's just another Monday morning.

And who could forget this little chunk of history?

How great is Drew in this video? Sporting her teddy bear pack-back talking about some dress she got at Playmates and how her body-double did the "fucking bed thingy" more than her. "She is the Beck of The Movie World."

I think Courtney and Drew were the most dynamic friend duo. I'm pretty sure that they met in the girls bathroom at a movie premiere while smoking cigarettes over the sink. Courtney was 30 and Drew was 8. They dyed their hair together, partied together and even went on dates to movie premieres and told off reporters like the flippant, fuck-the-world richies that they are.

Reporter: You obviously had some problems with alcohol and stuff-
Drew: Who gives a shit!

And circle gets the square.

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