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I'm really stoked that overalls are coming back. They are really easy to get on and off every time you have to pee. Where is Donna Karan? Can't we find some loop hole to file this shit under "resort" and send it packing? Urgh.

Though, it would be pretty fucking hilarious to see Anna Wintour walking down the street in a pair of over-sized dungarees and a floppy hat.

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2 Responses to “DUNGAREES”

  1. christen says:

    hey mish, i’ve been following your blog for a women’s studies class and i was wondering if i could maybe do a short interview with you? it would be for a paper i’m writing, and i think that getting your perspective on feminist blogging would be pretty helpful. anyway, i think your blog is great, and it definitely made this assignment a lot more enjoyable than if i had just ended up reading like every other girl in my class.

    oh, and not that it probably makes a difference, but it was one of coral (osborne)’s friends who told me to check out your blog.

  2. Mish Mish says:

    Hey Christen,

    I would love to! And thank you, btw.

    Feel free to email me at We can discuss things further there since it might be awkward over comment.


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