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So yes..again..mentioning Shoes-Up Mag (& not because Shoes-Up is famm, its because they’re doing real good things) If you still havent had the chance to pick one up and flip thru the pages, you should pick this one up. In this issue (#25) Shoes-Up honors the Ladies…(just RAD!) As we wait to receive our copy..we kno its gonna be Ahhhhhhmazing to read each one’s all the goodies jam packed in every issue of Shoes-Up. Check out some pics below from Issue #25>>>

“In order to have what they want they are forced to make shops for girls by girls and brands by girls for girls… to their biggest regrets. Each with their own weapons, no matter what they do, their status or backgrounds, they have to fight to get established.” (Well said!!)

(Letter From The Editor) via Shoes-Up Blog <In french & english>

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