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And here's proof.

When asked about being a "girl band" Donita says, "How do you know we're women? No one knows but our hair dressers."

"We sent the committee a fax that said: Who does L7 have to blow to serve Coors at Lollapalooza? And we signed it 'L always-the-brides-maids-never-the-brides 7."

And here they are performing "Pretend We're Dead" on Letterman in 1992. Check out Paul moshing in the back ground. After the set, he tells Dave he thinks they are a "swinging band". Jennifer Finch has no shoes, Dee breaks her drums and Suzi wears purple-tinted flower-shaped shades.

Proof that everyone in L7 is cooler than you are.

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2 Responses to “Everyone in L 7 is cooler than you are…”

  1. Kenza Kenza says:

    S Club 7? haah love you xo

  2. amy says:

    oh man i really loved bricks are heavy. it’s one of the few cds i still have kicking around my mom’s house and i listen to it every time i go back. i love how intimidated he is and self conscious of his clothes! haha and that he fucks up the album name right after trying to convince them he’s a fan.

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