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My friend Andrea Lukic and I decided to collaborate on a zine called, I Don't Wanna Shit At The Hairdresser. The collective project featured unpublished stories about my relationships, sex life and personal disaster while Andrea provided unique collage work for each story. We made 75 copies and now they are scattered through out North America. We also included an interview we did with each other (over a bottle of gin) at the end of the book. Check out some excerpts below:


Andrea: I feel like playing music as a woman, especially punk music, because it indulges in anger...

Mish: Oh yeah, it's the one place I can be angry. White Lung is where I get all my shit out.

Andrea: So, for you performance is cathartic? Is writing the same?

Mish: When I am on stage it doesn't matter what words I am saying, what they meant when I wrote them, it's about rawness of a performance and getting every ounce of emotion out of myself. It feels good. It's the only place where my rage is acceptable and even considered "cool". Writing is more controlled, careful and strategic. Words are all I have where as lyrics are important to the final recordings, but I don't consider them essential to my live performance.

Andrea: I do mostly screaming so I try to write songs that are simple enough that I can handle playing something easy and aggressive while exerting my voice. I feel like I build a template where I can let it all go. That is what I like about playing aggressive music....I'm not a fan of confrontation.

Mish: Me too. I can talk the big shit, but when it comes down to it, I don't want to fight. I never want to fight, who does? I also think that most performers are insecure about something in their daily lives so the stage becomes a safe place to embrace that thing and deal with it through music. I don't think there is much power in that place, it's mostly just safe.

Andrea: I think it's empowering. Honestly, I overlook a lot of sexism just to make things easier for myself because I am very negative. But the music store is the one place where I can not over look it. It's just so blatant! I was there the other day asking about a pic guard. I had already done my online research, I knew what I wanted, but I wanted to feel the texture of the pic guard before I bought it on eBay. So, I ask the music shop guy to see one and he goes, "What model?" And I said, " It doesn't matter. I just need to see the texture." And he's like, "What texture?" And I answered, "Abalone." He pauses because he obviously can't remember and then he's all, "Oh, we call that blah, blah, blah". Not even getting the pic guards for me, just lecturing me about the dumb, music store abbreviated term.

Mish: I don't know enough about equipment to ever deal in those situations.

Andrea: I don't know everything about gear either but who fucking cares. You don't have to see every movie in the world to make one yourself.


Mish: Poly Styrene died today. It was sad, she was very iconic, but for me she didn't play a massive role in my musical upbringing. I mean, the day that Courtney Love dies... I will be devastated.

Andrea: When Neil Young dies. It will be over.

Mish: To be important to someone, let alone a group of people, is a very powerful thing.

Andrea: It is.

Mish: I've met so many people who idolize you. You're a powerful woman.

Andrea: It's funny because I always think of myself as the ultimate fan. No one can out creep me. No one can out fan me. When I love an artist I get obsessed. And not to sound arrogant or anything, but when people say things like that to me, it doesn't phase me. I get the same way about some lonely guy who put out one tape in his basement that changed my life. Then, I finally meet him and he doesn't understand why I care.

Mish: I have to go to the bathroom. Turn it off.

Andrea: This is good so far!

[Tape Recorder Back On]

Andrea: You want to split that big beer? Oh, we need new cups. I don't want my beer to taste like gin.

Mish: My father drinks nothing but gin so that is what I got drunk on in high school. It tastes like nothing to me.

Andrea: I got really drunk on a 2'6 of gin in high school and I passed out face first in my friends bathroom. Then some girl smelt my vomit, like, lovingly. I couldn't talk to her the same after that.

Mish: She was into your vomit? Did you ask her about it next time you hung out?

Andrea: Oh, no!

Mish: Right, no confrontation. Just write a song. "Why did you kiss my vomit..."

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