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New York Fashion Week was the expected busy, tiring, annoying, awesome time--I got to see some great shows and go to some even better parties. (I'll blah blah about them below.) Most importantly, I learned that my new iPhone  camera (without the apps) pretty much sucks. So as I'm downloading xprocess, lo-mob, camera plus, I'm uploading the photos I have from the week.

Week started off with the LNA after party. If you could see this photo properly maybe you'd be able to figure out that Gang Gang Dance performed.

Went to see the Lemonade Family Affairs presentation on the Upper East Side.

Socks with everything.

Fashion's Night Out, is pretty much now known as Halloween meets New Years Eve. The streets were a mess. The Burton store was fun, we trudged our way through the crowds to make our way to bond street which was weird. Then off to Nike, but by the time we got to Nike there had been a fight and it was a wrap.

It's alive! Possessed people shopping.

The Rachel Antonoff Presentation was so cute! You can see full coverage of the show here.

Quartersnacks celebrated their 5th anniversary at the Nike Bowery Stadium. I should probably make some back handed compliment/remark, since I know that's something they'd approve of, but I don't have the energy. Instead I'll say congrats! Take it.

Went to see Jules at the launch party for her new swimwear line Nycked. It was at the newly opened Gansevoort. The bottom of the swimming pool is really cute.

Reed Space hosted a photo show for 13th witness. Free taco truck!


Double fist.

Reppin' hearty in the pocket. Left side of course.

Then headed over to the Vans party on Elizabeth to hang out with these idiots.

Next night, was the Samantha Pleet presentation. Full coverage here.

Then, I went to a party hosted by The Smile. In the cab on the way there the driver didn't recognize the name of the street where I was headed, until he clued in, "Oh that's where the Gentleman's Club is." Then he asked me if I was on my way to work. Say what?! I got there and instead of strippers, it was a gay black man in a shiny floral long sleeve body suit (no pants) singing about bubble gum (read: sex).

My night ended off in an overly packed, sweaty, pushy, rocker bar, where the Yeah Yeah Yeahs performed, and it was amazing. It was the first time I have seen them live, and I can't imagine a better setting than a private intimate showing that's packed to the brims. Karen O on stage is enigmatic. She came out wearing clown like makeup (by the end off the show it was all over her face) and at one point she even poured whip cream all over her head.

Um, so that's that. Next time around, May and Way do Fashion Week. Stay tuned.

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