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Accidentally went biking fashionably

The Fashion Center Business Improvement District enlisted a group of fashion designers to create bikes for Fashion Week. Anyone could ride them (well, with the swipe of a credit card for insurance) and for free. Dana and I happened to get to a fashion show an hour too early and stumbled across the Tour De Fashion Meat Packing home base. Luckily, there were two bikes that weren't out so we went for a ride down the Hudson. We got super giddy about the whole thing and I almost got crushed by a truck because I couldn't work the brakes. Fashion Week detour done right.

That's my baby.

Facebook profile pic!

Dana's bike had a tail.


And Max from Public School's bike showed up after we went back to the fashion show.

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5 Responses to “Fashion Week Detour: Tour De Fashion”

  1. Mish Mish says:

    This is really cute and nerdy and makes me wish I was there to bring wine and cheer you on.

  2. Mish mis says:

    I also think we need a mandatory hearty meeting in NYC soon. Like, man-da-tory.

  3. äL says:

    Hey guys :) was nice too meet you at tour de fashion! We enjoyed our trip through NY’s dangerous streets as well. Is it somehow possible to get the picture you took of me (first picture you posted) and my friend??


  4. londonfashiongirl says:

    I’m looking for a cool fashion bike and I want to know what make the two bike brands at the top?

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