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I love Feist. I think Charlotte has come close to disowning me a few times for insesently singing "The Reminder" in her car. I'm surprised she hasn't destroyed the damn record yet, I guess that's just how great it is and probably how much she must like me!  

Feist has just released a video for the track "The Water." A little late to release something this amazing if you ask me but the video was directed by Feist's boyfriend and Broken Social Scene member Kevin Drew. 

Feist plays a frozen mummy found on a lake who eventually gets warmed up to life by Murphy and Fox. We never said Feist was normal, keep in mind this is from the same girl that made 100's of people in glitter coloured costumes run around in a room for the 1,2,3,4 video. I say AWESOME!  

This video makes me feel warm inside and it really feels Canadian. This finally does Canadian cinematography and music justice. Good job girl! 

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